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Personal Stylist London



Have you ever asked a sales associate their opinion on an outfit you are trying on to only question if they are just trying to make a sale?​ A qualified personal stylist is that unbiased voice in the dressing room with you, not only telling you what is flattering and appropriate, but why based on your body shape, coloring, trends and use case.

Are you opening up your closet door only to say "I have nothing to wear!" A qualified personal stylist helps sort through your clothes - what is serving you, what is not (& why), how to style those pieces you love but don't wear, and what to add, building a curated wardrobe you love waking up to every morning.

Do you get lost and overwhelmed just thinking about walking into a clothing store? A qualified personal stylist removes the noise and doubt and pre-selects clothes based on a brief you create together to fit your budget, style and teach you the tips & tricks to looking (and feeling) your best - walking out of the store with confidence.

All of that sounds wonderful, but isn't personal styling just for the wealthy and celebs? Not quite celebs hire Fashion Stylists which are similar but also very different. Personal Stylists are for women like you - the everyday women that wants to up her style, save time and money. Yes, save money! Think to all the clothing you have bought, I bet some have gone unworn, maybe some still have the price tags on, are the wrong size or not your style - think of the cost of those items - now spend that on a personal stylist and eliminate those annoying buying mistakes.

Still curious? Let's chat. Book a free consultation calll.

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