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Updated: Oct 24, 2023

6 ways to avoid the unhealthy shopping pressure of the fashion & retail industry

This is a big one. In particular during Fall and into the holiday shopping season when retailers are trying to get their profit margins up to end the year strong and it's becoming harder to avoid “shopping pressures”, as a consumer.

1. De-Influencing

Influencers can be a great source of inspiration, but they can also give a false sense of what is normal to have in a wardrobe - in both volume and frequency of new items. Influencers get so much stuff for free. Better yet they get those items along with a nice little pay check (or affiliate rev when you buy). Separate your wardrobe needs from what an influencer receives as PR packages, different bodies, different budgets, different lifestyle/jobs, etc. If you find yourself following an influencer that makes you want to buy items you don't need (or worse, things you regret buying) try unfollowing them for awhile and see if you miss their content. Are they inspiring you, helping you create new looks with what you already own? Or are they just making you want to consume?

2. Make a shop list.

Living in Copenhagen without Shopbop (hello next day shipping) I learned how to slow down and not shop as a form of instant gratification (guilty!). I stopped ordering online and went back into physical stores. It make things harder to buy, and therefore, I bought less. Online retailers take so much friction out of the buying process (one click, next day) that we tend to overbuy. To reel this back, I find going into each new season with a shop list helpful. Writing down the items you really want/need and be picky about what you add - what will add value for the season ahead and what will complement what you already own.

3. Only settle for the “perfect" piece.

The leather jacket that your wardrobe is missing and you know will work well with much of what you already own. Don't just buy the first one you find, buy the perfect one. Be choosey. Go into the stores, try several on, which one feels the softest, has the higher quality lining, the ideal color to mix and match. Quick purchases often lead to overlooking important details that you really want in an item and since it isn't the perfect piece (itchy, ill fit, not the right color, etc.) it winds up in the back of the wardrobe unworn.

4. Remove daily temptations.

Unsubscribe to retailer emails. That 15% off sale will be back next month and that "hot item" "selling out" will restock.

5. Create a "cool off" period.

If you are tempted to buy an item, put it in your cart but don't check out. Pop back into your cart 24 hours later and see if you still really want it or it was just an impulse.

6. Read the label.

Aim for natural materials (cotton, linen, wool etc.) that last longer and wear better. The more synthetic the shorter the lifecycle (which means you will need to replace more often). Fast fashion loves a short lifecycle as it means you will back in their store buying more.

I would be remiss not to mention as my 7th point that working with a qualified Personal Stylist greatly helps one buy with more intent. We help identify what you really need and what will be of true value, creating more outfits with less. We help source the best items, knowing the brands and materials that are be the best quality for the money. And by booking in seasonal shops you can limit impulse shopping by making a deal with yourself to only shop during our planned appointments.

Curious about working with a personal stylist? Take a look around my website (I offer an array of virtual and in-person services) and book in a free consult call under contact.

Hope these tips help you become a more mindful shopper.


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