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After 17 years advertising some of the most beloved brands; Starbucks and Apple to name a few. Not one but two international moves (San Francisco to Copenhagen to London). And turning 40!  I decided to trust my gut and turn a hobby into my 2nd career chapter.


Ensuring I had the best foundation and functional skills, I enrolled at the London College of Style (LCS) graduating with a distinction in Personal Styling.


As a qualified Personal Stylist, I combine my love of clothes and styling with my attention to details, and genuine happiness of helping others curate looks they love.  Part of this is through sharing all the trends and brands I have discovered through my travels and international moves - opening up a new world to those clients afar.

My goal is to make women look and feel amazing, through their relationship with clothes, their body and their closet.

Welcome to my next chapter,

I hope to be a part of yours.


- Juli

Personal Stylist Juli J, working in her studio outside London


I believe in timeless style over micro trends driven by fast fashion.

Quality over quantity.

Natural fibers over synthetic.

I support brands that invest in their supply chain; and ensure both the materials and labor practices are carefully considered. 

The choices we have as consumers may seem small on an individual level, but collectively have immense impact for good and bad.

When clothing is too cheap the "cost" is sadly paid elsewhere.

A big part of my "less is more" approach is buying the best quality available within ones budget; and I am always on the hunt for a good deal to achieve that. Vintage, second hand and rental services are also key; and are apart of my service offerings. 


I also recommend a style analysis and wardrobe edit prior to shops, as this helps us be more mindful with what is added, making sure it aligns with your style for the long run and does not duplicate what you already own.

My goal for you is to add pieces you continue to pull out, season after season that stand the test of time - both in style and quality. 

London College of Style Sustainability Certificate

"I worked with Juli on a wardrobe edit and I couldn’t have been more pleased! I only wish I had done this sooner – she helped curate my wardrobe and made so many great style suggestions with pieces I already had. 

She is so knowledgeable about what works for my body type and now I have a guide for what works when buying new pieces. She does all the hard work pulling pieces from your wardrobe and pairing things together I never would have thought to.

She does not try to convince you that a certain look is “you.” Instead, she clearly listens to your thoughts, concerns, likes and dislikes and then helps put together styles that work.”

- Maria, London | Wardrobe Edit

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